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Gifts for a Book Lover Under $50 from Diddlebug

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Most of us have that difficult to shop for person on our list.  They already have everything or we can never think of what they would really like.  Well, if that person is a book lover, I have some ideas for you.  I give paper flowers as gifts all the time in all sorts of situations. People who know me have most likely gotten a paper flower at some point, either for a wedding, birthday, or as a thank you. When someone is a book lover, receiving a piece of art made out of a favorite can be such a personal, thoughtful gift.  Here is a list of some nifty ideas that will cost you less than $50, most of them much less than that.  All of these will also work made out of music pages too, so work equally well for that musician in your life. 

When I first started making paper flowers, I made them all out of books that were headed to a recycler.  It was a great way to make art out of something that was going to be recycled anyway.  Over the years, I have collected book cases full of books that I think are meaningful to people to use in my flowers.  Check out my current list of books that I have available here.  I try to keep it up to date when ever I am at a used book sale and find a few more.  

Book Page roses are always a favorite.  When made out of a book that is special for your gift recipient, it is a perfect customized present.  And you can get a nice bouquet of them for under $50.  Get them all out of the same book or a variety of favorites.  

Mixing book page roses in with colored paper flowers or greenery is also a great way to give flowers.  Stroll through my single flower garden and pick and choose things or choose a bouquet combination that I have already put together in my bouquet section, such as this group of three book roses along with some paper silver dollar eucalyptus.  These particular roses were made out of Jane Austen books. 

An ink pen with a book page rose on the end is always fun!  I have one that I use in my flower studio made from the pages of a Harry Potter book.  

These little book page rose ornaments are cute and are great for a Christmas tree or just to hang somewhere any time of the year.  Get a set of a few from favorite books with ribbons in any color you like. 

This book page rose pin with lace and pearls is always a popular choice.  You can pin it to a coat or scarf and when it isn't being worn, it makes a lovely decoration on your shelf. 

If you aren't feeling roses, there are also calla lilies and daisies made out of book pages! 

Finally, since it is getting into that holiday season, I have been making lots of poinsettias out of book pages.  These are made out of Dicken's A Christmas Carol, but they can be made out of other book pages as well.  They look lovely on their own or when mixed in with a few colored poinsettias

I'm always ready to work with you to come up with a perfect gift for someone.  If they (or you) have a particular favorite book that you would like to see made into a bouquet, send me a message to talk about it!  I have so much fun coming up with themed bouquets.  I had a great deal of fun recently coming up with a bouquet all based on Beauty and the Beast and also a bouquet based on one of my favorite books, The Night Circus.  

I know, there are lots of other book themed items out there from other people that are amazing! I'm just focusing on Diddlebug items today to let you know a few of the things that are hidden in my website.  For some other cool items, check out this literature themed gift basket I put together last month with products from a few really neat companies. 



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