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What I've Been Working On - Beauty and the Beast Inspired Bouquet

Bouquet with red roses, yellow rose buds and French version of Beauty and the Beast roses

Most of my flower making time is spent creating flowers for clients and that is a lot of fun.  Being able to work together with someone to come up with what they have envisioned for their wedding or a special gift is one of the coolest parts of my job. But on my cork board that hangs in front of my work space, I always peg little inspirational ideas when they strike me while I'm working on other things.  This little piece of paper had been up on my board for over a year staring at me every time I worked. 

note that says Beauty and the Beast bouquet idea

I finally started creating the flowers for this bouquet a few weeks ago when I had some free time and was beginning my little obsession with crepe paper.  I decided on the French version of the story printed out on cotton ivory paper.  Several years ago, I had a bride order all of her wedding flowers made out of this and I thought it looked so pretty.  I inked the edges of the petals just a little to give them a bit of dimension.  (And wow, that is a dirty keyboard!) 

photo of a desk top with paper flower petals and a computer keyboard

I made some yellow crepe paper rose buds a few weeks ago and then a few red crepe roses that I really wanted to look realistic. Red roses of course, from the enchanted rose and the yellow buds to remind me of Belle's dress from the Disney movie.  I also made all the greenery for this bouquet out of paper.  The leaves are made from crepe paper that has been mod-podged and then painted with some extra green. 

paper flowers on a tree stump with a book

And finally this week, I got to put them all together! Since this is inspired by Beauty and the Beast, the photo shoot obviously had to be in a library.  Our local library happens to be a beautiful historic building and they have one of the original library ladders that rolls around to reach the high shelves.  

We took a lot of photos! Enjoy! 

bouquet with red and yellow roses and beauty and the beast story on a book

beauty and the beast inspired bridal bouquet

close up of paper red rose, yellow buds and story roses

Beauty and the Beast inspired bouquet

Bouquet in a vase, red roses, yellow rose buds and story roses with greenery


Here is the listing if you would like to check it out.  Please share if you know of someone who might like a bouquet like this in their life! Beauty and the Beast Bouquet 

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