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Hello! I'm Charlene, owner and artist of Diddlebug. Here is a little about me and my shop.
In 2012, I made my first paper flower out of some book pages that were heading for a recycler.  Very shortly after, I started selling my flowers on Etsy as Diddlebug. Over the years, I have worked with hundreds of brides and grooms, creating the perfect flowers for their weddings and hundreds more who are figuring out just the right personalized gift for someone. I have worked with clients all over the world. In 2018, we have begun the move to our own website, which is so exciting and opens up so many more possibilities. 
I live in small town Michigan with my musician/librarian/IT guy husband and our two amazing kids.  We are all four avid readers, musicians, and artists.  My family helps out with my business with their encouragement, support, modeling, and technological help.  I could not do this without them. 
My job is the greatest.  Not only do I get to make my living as an artist, but I get to know my customers as we work through the special symbols they want in their wedding flowers or in their gifts.  Each order is an entire story. People will tell me their favorite books and why the book means so much to them. They will ask for specific passages of a book to be in their flowers.  It is a way for not only the wedding bouquet to live on forever with all those special memories, but it is a way for the book to live on as a beautiful work of art as well. 
I don't just work with books, I have made thousands of flowers out of music, comic books, maps, programs, menus, and love letters- anything paper.  I have made baby shower or bouquets for a nursery out of baby books.  People have written messages to loved ones and then have them made into flowers. I have made flowers to use in memorials and funerals.  Pretty much any time you would use fresh flowers (which, I love by the way), you can use paper flowers.  They just last a lot longer and can incorporate symbolism that is incredibly important to those who use them. 
I hope you enjoy looking around at my artwork!