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Harry Potter wand handle bridal bouquet Luna Lovegood wand with paper book page roses
paper flower book page bridal bouquet with harry potter wand  handle
harry potter wand handle bouquet wedding book page roses
Harry potter book page and paper flower bridal bouquet

Customized Harry Potter Wand Handled Bouquet

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Let me make you a customized wand handled bouquet inspired by your favorite Harry Potter character! I started this Luna Lovegood bouquet with a replica wand and then added flowers that reminded me of Luna. This bouquet includes Harry Potter book page roses, roses from pages of the Quibbler, blue roses with bronze daisies for Ravenclaw house colors and then some sweet tiny yellow sunflowers that made me think of Luna. I can make you a bouquet just like this or I can create a bouquet that is inspired by any of the other characters (as long as I am able to get a replica wand and there are so many options available!)

This bouquet is perfect for your wedding or to give as a gift to your favorite Harry Potter fan or to decorate your own common room!

The bouquet pictured was 18 inches from end of the wand to top of the flowers and the flowers themselves were about 10 inches across. Each character would have slightly different flowers (Snape would need some lilies obviously) and colors but would be comparable in size. Wands used are up cycled licensed wands. 

Almost everything that I make is custom made to order, so the time from ordering until shipping depends on how busy I am with orders.  Typically I am about 4-6 weeks out but contact me if you are needing your flowers sooner than that and I will let you know if I can rush your order.  

If you would like me to make something slightly different with different amounts/types of flowers, send me a message and we can talk about fun options for your bouquet!