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crepe paper cosmos flowers dark and light pinks
vase with crepe paper cosmos in dark and light pinks
crepe paper cosmos flowers ranging from light pink to dark pink

Garden Crepe Paper Cosmos

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The garden cosmos is so graceful and lovely.  In the language of flowers it means things like balance, orderliness, peacefulness, and tranquility.  They always remind me of my mother and grandmother's gardens when I was growing up.  

These crepe paper cosmos will bloom forever. They look amazing in a group or mixed in with other garden flowers. Each flower is on a sturdy 12 inch stem that can bend or be cut to any length. Individual blooms are roughly 4 inches across but each flower is individual and may vary slightly. They are a lovely addition to your bridal bouquet or give them to your mother for Mother's Day. 

Cosmos come in a range of colors from white to pinks to reds to yellows and oranges.  I am willing to branch out and make you some bright blue or purple cosmos too if you would like! Just let me know what color(s) you would like. 

Almost everything that I make is custom made to order, so the time from ordering until shipping depends on how busy I am with orders.  Typically I am about 4-6 weeks out but contact me if you are needing your flowers sooner than that and I will let you know if I can rush your order.