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Legend of Zelda video game inspired wedding bouquet with sword handle
Silent princess flowers from breath of the wild video game bridal bouquet
master sword hilt from Legend of Zelda video game with paper flowers wedding bouquet

Silent Princess Paper Flower Master Sword-handled Bridal Bouquet

This bouquet is inspired by the Legend of Zelda video game.  The bouquet starts with an up cycled foam Master Sword (with the blade removed) and then it has a mass of lovely Silent Princess flowers as seen in the Breath of the Wild game.  This particular bouquet has 7 crepe paper, hand painted lilies along with some buds and greenery that are securely attached to the sword hilt base.  

The whole bouquet from end of the hilt to the top of the flowers is about 21 inches tall.  The bouquet is roughly 12 inches across the top of the flowers.

As soon as my family started playing this game and I saw all the cool flowers that were in it, I knew I would need to make some out of paper.  I'm so excited to finally have put together a full bridal bouquet withe these flowers. 

If you have other ideas to make a fun geeky bouquet, send me a message!  I love to work on custom projects!